Dmitry Andreev - Game Programmer

Here listed my latest publications.
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Interval Mapping In Modern Games

Interval Mapping In Modern Games is my paper which describes faster and more accurate per-pixel displacement mapping algorithm than Relief Mapping.
Per-pixel displacement mapping shaders are popular even nowadays, so I was asked to make good parallax mapping shader. I started researching this subject and found good technique called Interval Mapping, but there wasn't much information about it and implementation examples were pretty outdated. I have been looking all over the forums, and I barely found someone, who was trying to implement this technique, so I decided to write my own paper where I tried to describe this technique in more detail, provide up-to-date code samples and make it more popular among game developers.

I must admit that I am not the original author of this technique, original author is Eric Risser

Paper is not avaliable yet